Today s world is a dangerous place

When your boss lies about how close the project is to being ready, evil is slipping into your cubicle. The people now out of work which may include you are in that situation because you did nothing, and evil prevailed.

We are the reason that the world is a dangerous place to live.


Which is more important to you, a friendship built on lies and deceit, or your reputation as someone who is trustworthy and honest.

Nowadays, when you watch the news, there are always one or more articles about crime, disasters and anything which makes you frightened and worried. Virtually all human activities of searching and using online data and information are greatly facilitated with the help of Internet technology.

Firstly, the most important thing is the amount and diversity of information. There are many widely known stories of people who changed something and managed to "get into" the pages of history.

While this is great for keeping heating or air conditioning costs down, by making our homes air tight we've also made our homes into large breeding grounds for bacteria and germs to multiply. A drug can be defined as a chemical material that affects the mind and only the so-called hard drugs are irresistible.

That is the action of which the quote asks of us. So, a technological world may benefit us but it can also put us at risk. The world is a dangerous place to live. In many cases, the police are also involved in organised crime. In the end, it comes down to a decision. Take a few moments and think about your place in the world, and where you see the seeds of evil, the smallest beginnings, which can be stopped before they start.

There were many in the past, many documents were signed that took plenty of lives or made them miserably.

The most successful inventions, the computer and the internet, are the main causes of this.

Today’s World is a Most Dangerous Place

We may be exposed to a cold virus, which triggers the immune system and it successfully fights the virus. There is no denying the fact that the profligate limits of social life in our country envisage the identity as a great threadbare for overall affluence and fiscal accuracy in our country.

USA Today: U.S.

There exists a remarkable extent of evidences that a variety of awful diseases emerge often in smokers than non-smokers and these diseases are: If we stop open burning, we could prevent acid rain and global warming. To do all these, we need to key in our credit card number or important information about ourselves.

Thus, our activities, which cause calamities, make the world dangerous. Second, with gas furnaces, people forget to replace the furnace filters at the beginning of the season and every months throughout the winter or during the time the furnace is in use.

Today’s World is a Dangerous Place

It is a fact that heavy drinking can cause cancer of the mouth, gullet, stomach, and liver. For example, if we stop cutting down trees, we could prevent landslides, deforestation, destruction of habitats and messing up of the food chain. For instance, if one does not vote in the elections and makes the decision not to get involved, he or she may actually contribute to the victory of some evil power in those elections.

Moreover, crime rates are increasing very quickly in many countries, especially in poorer ones. Many physicians believe if we use simple cleaning products, open home windows more often, and other common sense measures, our society would be a lot healthier and able to fight common low-level infections and viruses.

Firstly, we are living in an era of wars. So should young people remember history? Evil is everywhere, and the wolf is always at the door. Pretty straight forward, right? From the consequences of such war, we can decide that all wars cannot bring good harvest rather than the people of the world who do not find any ways to live with peace, society, friendship and love.

This enables hackers to steal our information and get us into trouble.Jun 24,  · Student Essay - Today’s world is a dangerous place in which to live – by Christine Park Jeong In, Year 9, Sayfol International School Today’s world is a dangerous place in which to live – by Christine Park Jeong In, Year 9, Sayfol International School.

Jun 24,  · Student Essay - Today’s world is a dangerous place in which to live – by Christine Park Jeong In, Year 9, Sayfol International School Today’s world is a dangerous place in which to live – by Christine Park Jeong In, Year 9, Sayfol International School.

This concern, at least today, is the main justification for the U.S. military’s forward presence around the world, a posture oriented around stopping possible threats before they materialize. Answer The world is always a dangerous place to live, and always will be.

Also Grennitch CT is a very high crime place. The quote starts by saying the world is a dangerous place, which it always has been, and likely, always will be. However, the quote continues by saying that the blame for the world being this way isn’t due to the people who do evil.

The quote finishes by pointing the finger at the rest of us. (CBS News) - A USA Today investigation finds the United States is the "most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world." Every year in the U.S., more than 50, mothers are severely injured during or after childbirth and die.

Today s world is a dangerous place
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