The importance of reverse logistics essay

Energy used in handling returns: For products at the end of their life cycles, reverse logistics extends their use through repairing, reshaping or recycling. That is why the design of the reverse supply chain processes is so important.

Once the apple is picked, it is then put in an apple crate, sorted, stored and The importance of reverse logistics essay shipped to its final location. Manufacturers must have an efficient system to recover the tires to comply with this regulation. Logistics and the Bottom Line Imagine you are an apple farmer.

Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty by paying more attention to faulty goods, and repairs of merchandise. The company generated revenues by selling the used metal, plastics and car parts 2.

Returned items need to be managed for speed as well as for highest recovery values. It can act as a sort of asset recovery for manufacturers so they can extract as much value from the product as possible, providing a second return of investment.

Amount of product reclaimed and resold: Supply chain executives measure the effectiveness of that flow using the on-time delivery OTD metric. The entire shipment might not only never make it to the destination, but it needs to be replaced in a rush.

In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, the California Board of Pharmacy CBoP has set deadlines for all manufacturers to be able to show an electronic pedigree and a defined serial number down to the pill bottle level.

Sustainable reverse logistics strategies offer so many additional, smaller benefits that they cannot possibly be listed, such as eliminating fines from government organization from improper disposal, but the overwhelming monetary benefits of employing a reverse logistics strategy far outweigh the costs of simply tossing old equipment into a landfill.

Let them know how long the order will take. Exhibit 1 summarizes these and other differences between forward and reverse logistics. Many of these companies offer returns processing as well.

Recalls require more upfront planning than most other return types. What is reverse logistics? When your logistics is unable to prepare orders quickly for fulfillment, shipment or delivery, then the customer is left waiting and is probably shopping on another online site.

The Concept of Reverse Logistics. A Review of Literature

Businesses need to have reliable suppliers to ensure they don't need to absorb warehouse costs and risks by maintaining excess inventory of products. Here we will take a look at the advantages of Reverse Logistics. It is also a logistics issue to have too much inventory on hand.

It consists of order processing, warehousing, and transportation. Consulting firms in this segment of the industry also advise on the latest technology that links suppliers, producers, and customers together to streamline the manufacturing process.

In addition, returning the product in a timely manner is often not of major importance to the end users and retailers. In this step, processes must be in place to determine what products can be saved, reworked, remanufactured, resold or disposed.

Reverse logistics product has likely spent a great deal of time moving through the forward and reverse systems. Some will be returned, and the system has to have a way to deal with those products. You need to be concerned with keeping apples free from bugs and pesticides and ensure that they bloom into healthy, sweet fruit.

Managers need to be aware of the regulatory trend requiring firms to develop reverse logistics processes that ensure proper end-of-life management. It consists of activities such as market research, requirements planning, make or buy decisions, supplier management, ordering, and order controlling.

To help you understand how a reverse logistics strategy affects supply chain strategy, consider these key points.

If the product is low cost, then a lengthy decision process around its disposition is counterproductive. The seller needs to find an appropriate secondary market that will speed up the time in which some value can be gained from the inventory they had hoped to sell.

The more standardized and streamlined the processes are, the shorter the cycle time should be. Although not reflected in current government metrics, a conservative estimate is that the secondary market represents 2.

Without the veins to carry away waste products, cells would cease to function, literally drowning in their own waste. Business owners can help improve the customer experience by automating as many things as possible including inventory control so they always know what is in stock and what is running low.

Each non-recycled electron contains items that could have been repurposed and reused in new merchandise and electronics. Reverse logistics can be valuable in increasing product lifecycles, supply chain complexity, maintainable practices and consumer preferences; which have to be improved on to maintain productivity and growth.

It describes the importance of this key component of supply chain management and outlines how reverse logistics differs from forward logistics. The customer base might think that the company is no longer able to fulfill the order if the problem goes on for any length of time.

Process to implement reverse logistics system Reverse logistics includes handling, storage, transportation, inspection, repair, repackaging, refunds, and customer service 6.REVERSE LOGISTICS DEFINATION: Flow of surplus or unwanted material, goods, or equipment back to the firm, through its logistics chain, for reuse, recycling, or disposal.

In other words, reverse logistics is the management of any type of returns from any customer with a specific purpose.

Reverse Logistics

The Concept of Reverse Logistics. A Review of Literature by Isabel Fernandez, Professor of Logistics and Production Organization, Engineering University in Oviedo (Spain). A Research Proposal This 9 page paper is a proposal to assess the importance rosendo s tale analysis essay of reverse logistics as a.

lesson plan frontier turner thesis nte Research Proposal; Admission Essay The Impact Of Reverse Logistics On The Transportation And Logistics Field (Research Paper Sample) The impact of Reverse. Reverse Logistics (RL) is an issue that has received growing attention in the last decades, due to the occurrence and simultaneity of several situations.

On the one hand, there is a verifiable concern about environmental matters and sustainable development, as the many legal regulations that have been passed in a number of countries prove.

It describes the importance of this key component of supply chain management and outlines how reverse logistics differs from forward logistics. We then describe some of the key considerations in building a reverse logistics competency and then list key metrics that need to be put in place.

Essay on Reverse Logistics & Outsourcing - Reverse Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost effective flow of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from the point of consumption to the point of origin for the purpose of recapturing value or proper disposal.

The importance of reverse logistics essay
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