Loyalty card proposal

Customer Penetration In developing any program, set goals as to what you want each loyalty tier to do e. It is essentially the integration of game mechanics into marketing activities to make them more fun, to drive engagement and participation.

It is about understanding user's wants and motivations. The beauty of gamification is that it allows Marketers to connect actions with an actual person.

Gamification is the process of using game dynamics and mechanics to engage an audience and solve problems. Gilt - if you are a top customer, you receive 15 additional minutes in the auction prior to anyone else. This is your opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

Newer loyalty programs will be more segmented e. The balance of the population's interest ranges from very passive interest to active interest what we call the "junkies".

Loyalty programs will begin to take a more holistic view of customers - focusing on broadening customer relationships i.

Loyalty Card Proposal

Not all customers are equally profitable - this we know. Retailers, that in the past have tended to tie their loyalty programs to a private label or general purpose credit card, will begin to experiment with multi-tender loyalty programs.

What are you doing to address your customer's craving for recognition? Both have multiple tiers of earning, with earning accelerators built into each graduated tier.

Loyalty Card Proposal

Accumulated Points in lost cards will be transferred to the new card. It is a strategy that engages users in a manner that they want to be engaged. For the frequent flyer, being able to board an airplane and hog-up all of the overhead storage space before any of the common travelers board, is nirvana.

Whether that is instant point redemption at merchant partners, or removing friction from the customer's experience e. And a point broken doesn't necessarily equate into full profitability. While this investment helps with acquisition, it doesn't help with customer engagement.

Achieving the above will allow us to retain our current customers by motivating them to frequently buy from Xpress Mart. The Loyalty Receipt The terminal prints a receipt which shows the current transaction and the resulting point balance, reward balance or discount earned.

Points earned by cardholders who do not renew within one month from the expiry date will be forfeited. Having attended a number of these "events," we can tell you first hand, advocacy and commitment do increase e.

Well, they are alive and well and there are a number of lessons we can take away from these programs. Xpress Mart can continue moving towards its vision to become the most dominant player in the retail industry by implementing a customer rewards program through offering loyalty cards to customers of Xpress Mart.

By having clear cut goals, that will ensure that you are marching toward success. After all, it says that "I am important. If breakage is too low, it could mean that your program lacks relevance or will so, soon.

Say goodbye to the punch card. It is not gimmicks i.In recent years, the competition for customers has led many companies in the retail industry to implement a customer rewards program and provide significant.

point’s card, advantage card, or club card which identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program.(Singh& Khan, ) 1- Points system: This is the most common loyalty program. PROPOSAL TO IMPLEMENT A CUSTOMER REWARDS PROGRAM THROUGH EXPRESS MART PLUS CARD Abstract Due to the increase in competition in the Retail Industry, we must impose a new marketing strategy to retain our current customers.

Vendors such as Valutec offer loyalty software and a variety of gift and loyalty card services, from card design to transaction reporting.

Card Production

Start by talking to your point-of-sale provider, credit. ‘RFP’ means Request for Proposal for Selection of vendor to “End To End management Of Canara Loyalty Program for Debit & Credit Card holders ” c. ‘Bidder’ means a vendor submitting the proposal in response of RFP.

Of course, loyalty programs have been around for ages (toys in Happy Meals, buy-one-get-one-free perks, come-back coupons handed over following a purchase, or credit card points). But, customer loyalty programs and other retention tactics are as much about customer service as they are about rewards.

Loyalty card proposal
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