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However, with all the benefits shines the other side of the coin. They stick to their smart phones and other gadgets. Please put your views here. Still there are positives as well. Social service is now became a trend among youth. Is "good news" really news? What criteria do you think that newspapers and television use to decide on what news to present: Idioms we might use when talking about news Behind closed doors — Events which take place hidden from view.

Many feel overloaded by political content and view their social media interactions with those they disagree with as a source of frustration and annoyance. They first attract the attention of officers and relevant departments by their work.

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Some people suggest that we should read newspapers with a different political ideology to our own. Conclusion Social media is a tool of many uses.

20 Questions To Start a Social Media Discussion

Also, people tend to misuse the freedom of sharing on any topic. People can now express their beliefs freely over these websites. Your goal is to align social's capabilities with the problems your organization needs or wants to solve for their own business.

Do you think most journalists tell the truth when they write a news piece? These highly engaged social media users express many of the same frustrations about the tone and tenor of political discussions on social media — but many of them simultaneously view social media platforms as valuable tools for political action and discussion.

Panel Discussion on the Media

What do you think has been the biggest news item in the past ten years? Note that the questions below aren't all specific to social media; they're attempting to uncover some of the underlying culture, brand, and operational issues that social media could help address.

Well, I believe, Social media is actually connecting people, it has given an opportunity for people to come over a common platform and share their thoughts.ESL Conversation Lesson Questions: Free classroom handouts.

English lesson on MEDIA.

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Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more. Is social media actually connecting people? Social media, the newest addition in media industry, is not very old.

Social media, basically, covers computer aided tools, which allow the transaction and sharing of ideas, information, knowledge etc.

The Political Environment on Social Media

These activities can be used in conjunction with specific media examples on CMP or more generally used to elicit class discussion and critical thinking. It may be useful to review the section that overviews key concepts tied to each identity Continue reading →.

News and the Media This is the preparation material for an English conversation lesson about news, current events and the media.

Impact of Social Media on youth

There is an audio discussion about the future of print newspapers which raises some questions and issues for consideration.

Conclusion: Social media has a great impact on youngsters. Youth needs parental guidance to what is good and what is bad, so that they can protect themselves while enjoying the. This report forms part of a growing body of work that attempts to understand the role of media in influencing conflict.

Discussion on media
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