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Fertility Fertility rates have fallen in most of the Muslim-majority countries in the Asia-Pacific region in recent decades. Studies have shown that religious minorities Asia pacific region migrate in larger proportions than religious majorities.

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Muslims in China are somewhat less urbanized and less educated than the general population. The Site may also make available Company Pages, which may contain information provided by third-party Employers.

Asia and the Pacific

Although Muslims constitute a small minority in most Indian states, they make up roughly a third of the population in Assam Bilateral agreements, such as the Canada-Japan Joint Declaration on Political, Peace and Security Cooperation greatly contribute to deepening this defence relationship.

Deforestation of thousand ha. In Bangladesh, the Muslim population is expected to grow by nearly 39 million, from This Privacy Policy applies to information collected by us through such special purpose resources, as modified in the particular notice e.

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As recently asMuslim-majority countries in the region were losing people perannually. The country is expected to add a similar number of Muslims from tobut because the base number in is larger than it was inthe projected percentage increase is smaller Opting Out of Receiving Marketing Communications If you no longer want to receive marketing materials from us based upon your Personal Data, going forward, you may opt out of receiving such marketing related messages by clicking unsubscribe or an equivalent action where applicable, or by sending an email to opt-out indeed.

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In Pakistan, for example, a net loss of people perpopulation would amount to a loss of roughlypeople annually. You agree that Indeed may also provide search options to narrow down Job Listing search results by job type i.

A significant number of Canadian families trace their roots to South West Asia, and Canada has made a major effort to promote security in the region, most significantly through our mission in Afghanistan. This information enables us to build and maintain our services with user feedback.

Muslims constitute a majority of the population in the northernmost state of Jammu and Kashmir, where they make up We may collect the name you have associated with your device, device type, telephone number, country, and any other information you choose to provide, such as user name, email address, or zip code.

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The fastest growth of all will likely be among those age 60 and older, who are projected to rise from 8. Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-U. The Muslim population in China is projected to increase from Asia-Pacific region (or Region) may refer to. Asia-Pacific, a geographic designation; Asia-Pacific Scout Region (World Organization of the Scout Movement) Pacific Rim, countries and cities located around the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Stronger growth in advanced economies, a moderate recovery in commodity prices, and a strengthening of global trade growth, are the favorable external factors that will support the economies of developing East Asia and Pacific to expand by % for Aug 09,  · The Asia-Pacific region includes 60 countries and territories and is home to more than half of the world’s overall population.

For estimates of the size of religious groups in specific countries in andsee Appendix C. View full site map» Region. ACI Asia-Pacific, one of the five regions of the Airports Council International (ACI), is based in Hong Kong and represents members operating airports in 48 countries/ territories in Asia-Pacific.

ACI Asia-Pacific, one of the five regions of the Airports Council International (ACI), is based in Hong Kong and represents members operating airports in 48 countries/ territories in Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East.

Asia pacific region
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