Acid rain and its effects essay

Acid rain can also harm people in-directly. Governments have made efforts since the s to reduce the release of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere with positive results.

It has, however, been shown that most causes of acid rain are man-made and can be avoided. Acid rain has severely retarded the growth of crops such as pea, beans, radish, potato, spinach, broccoli and carrots etc.

Acid rain also damages soil and the tree roots in it. A common example is nitric acid produced by electric discharge in the atmosphere such as lightning.

Essay on Acid Rain: Definition, Causes, Adverse Effects and Control

When we do things we are killing our self. Acid rain causes extensive damage to building and structural materials of marble, limestone, slate and mortar etc. After reading this essay you will learn about: The acid rain slowly eats away them all.

In the atmosphere these gases are ultimately converted into sulphuric and nitric acids. Occurrence of Acid Rain 3. Every one of us holds an important piece to this world wide puzzle. Other plants can also be damaged by acid rain, but the effect on food crops is minimized by the application of lime and fertilizers to replace lost nutrients.

The chemicals in acid rain can cause paint to peel, corrosion of steel structures such as bridges, and erosion of stone statues. After all this, the lake is affected, the river is affected, the soil is affected and the vegetation is affected Thanks to: However, the particulates responsible for acid rain sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides do have an adverse effect.

Bernhard Ulrich of the University of Goettingen in FRG first sounded an alarm when his test of German soils showed high acid inputs in seventies form the atmosphere.

Acid rain Essay Examples

Governments have passed laws to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, but it is no use unless people start to work together in stopping the release of these pollutants.

Acid rain is accumulated in our clouds and in our atmosphere. Soil biology and chemistry can be seriously damaged by acid rain. It can have harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure. These acids cause acidic rain.

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Pre written descriptive essays about food monty python live mostly argumentative essay freak the mighty essay. The research was conducted to see how acid rain can affect the growth of the plant.

The manufacturers must remember it must be cost efficient or the consumer will not be able to survive. Acid rain kills plant life and destroys life in lakes and ponds. In Greece and Italy, invaluable stone statues have been partially dissolved by acid rain.

Essay on Acid Rain – Causes and Effects

These gases include Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and oxides of metal such as zinc, copper and nickel. Adult fish can survive in more acidic water having high concentration of aluminium than fry fish.Essay Acid Rain And Its Harmful Effects Acid Rain and its Harmful Effects: Acid rain can occur in form of rain, snow, fog or dry material that settle to earth.

Unfortunately, the imbalance which we have created between our life and earth is already showing the signs disasters in the form of flood, cyclones, landslides, tsunami, drought, etc.

Conclusion Acid Rain is a very serious, and dangerous issue that plagues our world as we know it today. It is formed when sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide mix with the water in the atmosphere creating sulfuric acid and carbonic acid.

Acid rain could effects negatively on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure. The effects of acid rain: In the atmosphere acid rain can be carried very big and far distances between countries and from continent to another.

Acid Rain and Its Harmful Effects on All Forms of Life Essay - Acid Rain and Its Harmful Effects on All Forms of Life Pollution comes in various forms. Whether it’s toxic waste, CFC’s, or sewage, they are all hazardous, to the earth.

Essay on Acid Rain: Definition, Causes, Adverse Effects and Control

These can deplete the earth and it’s inhabitants of. Other Acid Rain Essays. Acid Rain essays written by other authors. Effects of Acid Rain on an Ecosystem Author unknown Acid rain is a widespread problem found all over the world.

Essay on Acid Rain: Definition, Causes, Adverse Effects and Control

It is the result of chemicals from burned fossil fuel mixing with moisture in the atmosphere and falling to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, etc. Acid deposition is a.  MID-TERM EXAM Cause and Effect Essay: Acid Rain Pisal Sorn Advanced Writing Skills - ELT Section 1 Professor: Robert Flinn April 11, Cause and Effect Essay: Acid Rain Acid rain is a rain or any other form of precipitation that unusually acidic, meaning that the level of pH is below 7.

Acid rain and its effects essay
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